Effective and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Medical Weight Loss

We offer a physician monitored comprehensive medical weight loss program. Our dedicated staff will provide you with the necessary tools, support and personalized attention to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It is not easy to break a habit and overeating can be one of the hardest habits to break. Our program is based on retraining your brain to yield healthy eating habits. Our results are maintainable and enduring.

Initial Evaluation

A comprehensive physical assessment.
  • Complete body composition analysis
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Blood work (CBC, metabolic, lipid and thyroid profile)
  • Medical evaluation and exam by our M.D.
  • MIC+ B12 Fat Burner and energy injection
  • Nutritional consultation and food journal
  • Exercise consultation and journal
  • 1st week’s supply of prescription appetite suppressants

Weekly Clinic Visits


We track progress, and measure your results
  • Weigh in
  • Body composition analysis
  • Vital Sign Check
  • MIC + B12 Fat Burner and energy injection
  • Review of food and exercise food journal
  • Appetite suppressants for upcoming week

"When you are  Interested in doing something, you only do it when it is convenient … but when you are Committed to something YOU ACCEPT NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS! Commit yourself to become a better you!"



-- Agnes P. Green, MD

Prescription HCG Weight Loss

Initial Evaluation

Rapid, safe and permanent weight loss.
  • Blood Work
  • The prescribed HCG injections or sub-lingual (under the tongue) tablets.
  • Medical evaluation and exam by our M.D.
  • Initial body fat and metabolic analysis
  • Weekly visits with our physician which also includes your weigh in
  • Body fat and composition analysis with coaching to keep you on track
  • MIC + B12 Fat Burner and energy injection
  • Exclusive HCG eating plan

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are 15 lbs or more over weight and ready to change your life and your weight –WAIT NO LONGER!! HCG is the perfect plan for your specific weight loss goals!


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) under a physician’s guidance, is an effective weight loss program to help you drop pounds rapidly and safely. The protocol was developed by Dr. ATW Simeons of Johns Hopkins. He discovered that HCG in low doses accompanied by a low caloric (500 - 600 calories) eating plan helps the body to selectively metabolize stored fat around the waist, hips, thighs, and arms while preserving muscle. This metabolism of excess fat results in a rapid (and sustainable) weight loss of ½-1 lb/day with minimal exercise required.

We offer a comprehensive HCG Program (23 or 40 days) with prescription HCG either by injection (our most popular choice) or a rapid dissolving sublingual (under the tongue) tablet.


How much weight can I expect to lose?

Are the injections painful?

Weekly weight loss varies with each person. You will loose more weight if you stick to the eating plan, exercise and maintain a positive mindset.

The injections are administered with a very fine needle as a result they are quite painless

Will I be Hungry during the program?

Why do I need to take an injection instead of a pill?

No. If you are cleared by the doctor your will receive an FDA-approved appetite suppressant which will reduce your cravings

The stomach acid that aids in the break down of food also breaks down vitamins and supplements. The body will be left with only a small amount to absorb.

Will Appetite Suppressants help me loose weight?  Are they safe?

Why do I come weekly?

Appetite suppressants will reduce hunger and cravings to allow you to be successful on the weight loss program. The suppressants are safe, and progress is monitored weekly to be assured that your vitals are stable. These FDA- Approved appetite suppressants have been used successfully for over 50 years.

Can I take the injections home?

Yes. We offer a service in which you can take a certain number home. You will be taught by one of our staff persons on how to self administer the injections. Your kit will contain all the supplies you will need.

Accountability is a very important aspect of our medical weight loss program. Coming in weekly allows us to closely monitor your weight loss progress. The visit takes 10-15 minutes and includes your weigh-in, blood pressure check, body fat and BMI analysis and your metabolic booster shot. The doctor will also review your chart and adjust your appetite suppressant as needed if you are not losing weight as expected.

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